Match Reports


UNDER 8 – Match Report (Coach Mick Walker)

With a week off footy over Queens Birthday weekend, we had some fun training sessions while we still tried to introduce new ways to learn the game.

At this time of the season, I could not be any prouder of the way all players are coming together. We have a wonderful group of players, and in this game we welcomed two more players to our team!!

Roville Knights was going to be a tough game, however that does not change the way we play.

We always talk about being first to the ball and that is exactly what we did. This is the most important part of footy at this age group and based on games played this season we have become one of the best teams for doing this.

As we always do, players were rotated through all positions, and every player did a brilliant job.

We continue to work on players spreading out, and calling for the ball loudly, when we have a kick. There were a few great moments of this happening which is very pleasing to see!!

Final scoring shots were in our favor, 13 to 11, with a big come back in the last quarter.

Great footy played by all, lets keep on learning and gaining confidence with our abilities!!

Go Baysie!!!!


U/12 Girls – Bayswater V FTG (Coach Michael Hughson)

We played Ferntree Gully today at their ground.
They looked like they were asleep in the warm up so understandingly, the coach was a little concerned. But when the game started, they were switched on. We lost 45-7 but it was much closer than the scoreboard showed.
We had 4 of our tallest players not play this week so we went into the game quite short. The girls that put their hand up to play in those taller roles did a fantastic job.
We had been working on a few things at training and the girls worked really hard to do them in the game.
It was only when we weren’t concentrating, they got loose and kicked their goals.
We had all the play in the last quarter but unfortunately couldn’t put the score on the board.
Compared to our other losses, a much better team effort.
Best players, Evie, Josie, Georgie, Maddie, Torey, Jayde,Mikayla
Goals Georgie

U/15 Boys – Bayswater V Lysterfield (Coach Rob Dunford)

The U/15 BOYS played top of the table Lysterfield at our home ground on Sunday.
Despite having a couple of players out lysterfield managed to get the jump on us through some fast midfield breaks and good ball use and quickly had a couple of goals on the board. For the remainder of the qtr the boys were able to restrict lysterfield from adding to this and with goals to Sal and Jamie they clawed the deficit back to just 2 points .
Inaccurate kicking for goal cost us dearly in the second qtr 1.5 to lysterfields 4.2 saw us trail by 17 pts at half time . More disappointing was our inability to win the contested ball , something the boys pride themselves on doing better than anyone else , and has become the key to our game plan and playing style . Lysterfields ability to stay upright in a tackle was also causing problems for the boys .
At half time I stressed to the boys the importance if us winning those contests and ensuring that when they layed a tackle it gave the ball carrier no chance of offloading.
With these things in mind and the midfield playing man on man at the stoppages the boys started to close the gap , Luke Phillips being the somewhat unexpected inspiration with what could be tackle of the year on a charging lysterfield full forward to prevent what would of been a very important goal . From that point the contested ball was dominated by Bayswater and goals to bodhi and beechy had us within 5 points at 3qtr time . The final qtr was possibly the best 20 minutes of contested and desperate football you could wish to see from two junior teams, trading early goals before both let slip great chances to seal it when the score was tied for what seemed an eternity until a lysterfield goal with less than 2 minutes on the clock led to one final charge down the wing from Bayswater which was stopped agonisingly short by a desperate smother from a lysterfield defender before the siren sounded to end an amazing game.

Bayswater 7.9.51
Lysterfield 8.9.57

Goals: Kyle 3 Jamie 2 bodhi 1 Sal 1

Best: Will. Jack. Jake Jamie. Kyle. Troy. Matt.
This week Will Newey stood out to me as one player who is really starting to have a big influence on the game . On Sunday Will was our dominant big man. His on field presence is growing with every game in b grade and his mobility has made him hard for opposition to man up. Well done Will

ROUND 8 – Match Reports

U/15 Boys – Bayswater V Montrose (Coach Rob Dunford)

Coming off 2 disappointing losses and with key players still out the U/15 boys faced Montrose on Sunday. The emphasis at training during the week had been on accountability and winning the contested ball along with reinforcing the need for everyone to contribute for us to succeed in b grade.
The first qtr set the tone for the day with our midfield able to prevent Montrose from getting clean use of the ball whilst providing plenty of drive themselves thanks to some great ruck work from bodhi early .
With a 10 point lead at qtr time the boys looked to consolidate our position in the 2nd qtr , mindfull that we had let slip a similar lead and the game against wantirna sth with a poor second qtr. Continued hard running and a willingness to trust teammates and move the ball on saw the gap widen to 23 pts at half time with the defense restricting Montrose to just the one goal. A four goal to two 3rd qtr confirmed to everyone that b grade is where the boys belong . At times completely controlling the game , the boys linked up by hand and foot to continually drive the ball into our forward line and once in there it became almost impossible for Montrose to repel the attack beyond halfway as our midfielders set up defensively to intercept time and time again. With the game in our hands it gave the opportunity to try a few boys in unfamiliar roles late with liam going onto a wing and getting involved a bit more and Jake again getting a short stint in the ruck and doing well . In the end a comfortable it was 28 point win capped off with a great moment when Will and Bodhi chaired Matt off the ground to the cheers of crowd and teammates after a great performance in his 100th game

Bayswater 11.8.74
Montrose. 6.10.46

Goals: Will 3. Kyle 2. Sal 2. Braidyn 1. Tommy 1. Bodhi 1. Jamie 1

Best: Kyle . Sal. Jamie. Will. Bodhi. Matt. Troy. Tommy. Jack.

The player I noticed this week was a very pleasing one for me. After missing the first 6 games following a shoulder dislocation and tentatively working his way through 2 games I was happy to see Braidyn again gettin amongst it in his usual way, scoring a goal and doing whatever he could to help a teammate. His spoil against a much bigger opponent, allowing bodhi to collect the lose ball and feed Sal for a goal typified the team’s performance.

U/17 Boys – Round 8 – Bayswater v Boronia (Coach Mick White)

Q1: Playing a team we rate highly in our competition we could not have started any better. We looked on song in the first 10 minutes, as we wanted the ball more than the opposition. Winning the centre clearances and quickly moving into our forward line we managed to jump them early. As we expected they found a way back in the game but I was very happy with the way we played out the first term to hold a slender lead.  3.3 – 1.3

 Q2: What a difference a quarter can make as we struggled to come to terms with the high press from Boronia to play dumb football. For whatever the reason, we lost our will to take on the game and played into the hands of a much taller and better marking team. Rarely did our forwards see the ball as Boronia continued to hold the ball in their forward line as we kept kicking blind back to the opposition wall. With two mid field players sitting on the bench through injury we could not find the right balance to win the footy at ground level? Considering all the play was in our back half we managed to hold the opposition off and had some luck as they missed some easy shots at goal.          3.3 – 3.8

Q3: We needed to adjust our football coming out of our backline and if we could not switch we had to use the boundary line to get another stoppage. Although this was ugly football it did keep us in the game as we were running low on personnel again to rotate through the mid field. We looked tired and had lost all confidence in our running game but at least we stood up to fight and not get blown away in the quarter. 4.5 – 4.10

Q4: Unfortunately we had another of our play makers go down with concussion early in the term which looking back now most likely cost us a chance to win the game. Although battling injury and fatigue I was proud that we showed great character to compete in the second half. Although we went down by three goals we know now that at our best we can match it with the better sides in our competition.  4.7 – 6.14

Goal Kickers:  K. O’Leary 2 T. Cameron, J. Treeby 1

Best players:  K. O’Leary, J. Tasic, D. Warne,


Under 17s Match Report – Round 7 v Blackburn – Mick White

Q1: Well prepared for a very wet, windy cold day I could not believe that after the 10 minute change of weather that hit prior to the game starting we had no rain at all. We started very well and it was pleasing to see that we looked to get in first to win the ball in big packs of players at every contest. The opposition made it as hard as possible for us to run the ball as they pressed up nearly all their players into one half of the ground. It made it difficult to find room up forward but it stopped them from scoring as we had players back every time they cleared our forward line.  3.2 – 0.0

 Q2: Kicking into the wind in the second term helped clear the game up as the opposition thought the wind would help them score more efficiently. It backfired on them as we finally had room to run and move as we dominated the play for much of the quarter. In difficult conditions and lack of hitting up the right target going forward we could have scored more freely.  7.4 – 0.2

Q3: Blackburn had a plan to have two lose players in our back half but decided to attack the ball with more aggression and get the ball moving at all stages. We struggled at times to match their intensity around the contest and went back to old habits to wait and react. I believe the opposition played much better than us although we stayed in touch on the scoreboard.   10.5 – 2.2

Q4: For the first time this year we started with 3 on the bench but the numbers dwindled quickly throughout the game. Loosing Mat Cavicchia early then Tom Cameron just after the main break, we needed other players to stand up and play the role that we were lacking.  We struggled badly in the last quarter as Blackburn took control of the game and out played us in every aspect. Although we managed to kick a few goals to keep them at bay we could not be happy with the way we finished the game. Happy to get the four points but we were well off our best today.  13.6 – 7.3

Goal Kickers: J. Treeby 5 K. O’Leary, T. Cameron 2 B.White, L. Mannix, K. Capaldo, M. Cavicchia 1

Best players: J. Treeby, K. O’Leary, B. White, D. Warne, T. Cameron, A. Maggs


Under 8 Boys Match Report – Mick Walker

Round 6 and we had our first 11am game for the season Vs. Vermont Gold.

After being very short on available players in Round 5, it was great to have our team back together for this game. With the addition of a new player to the team, we were ready to give it our best.

As we do every week, players were rotated through all parts of the ground to give every player a chance to learn the game. This has proven to be very beneficial to our teams growth, and this game was a great example of that.

Once again, we had players stepping forward and playing their best games so far this season. New goal kickers plus a bigger spread of players getting hands on the ball and then sharing it around with team mates had us in a very tight battle!!

With the ball moving all around the ground for the full four quarters, it was very pleasing to have 17 scoring shots to 11, many of which were very well thought out by the players.

Highlight of the game has to be this teams growing bond together. Through this the confidence of the whole group lifts and the fun being had is obvious to see!!!

Can’t wait for Round 7!!

Under 12 Boys Match Report – Damian Sadler

The U12’s boys played Vermont at home and thankfully we took the field with a full team. The boys looked good from the start and kicked 2 goals in the 1st qtr, dominating with their skills and hardness at the ball. After half time we kicked 3 goals in the 3rd qtr and the team play was amazing, demonstrating everything they are practicing at training. We managed to kick one more goal in the last qtr and keep Vermont scoreless in the 2nd half, finishing off what was a perfect win for the boys. The boys have a team goal for the rest of the season and now there is a strong belief in this group of boys and they have a chance to earn the reward they deserve…

Bayswater 6.8.44
Vermont 3.1.19

Goalkickers: Jag 2 , Hayden 1 , Tom 1 , Sam 1 , Aaron 1

Best Players: Tom , CJ , Jag , Aaron , Hayden

Under 14 Girls Match Report – Krissy Martin

This week saw the girl and their parents take the trek out to the Dandenong’s to take on Olinda. With the girls having a tough few weeks, we came with our game faces on.

The first quarter saw Olinda grab a behind then a quick goal. Our girls showed fight and with around 95{13d095fab0d9f9ba26735bcd21505a44bc66b12cd106ec8948e6ab4cd1cab3f1} of play in our forward 50, we peppered the goals however only managed to only put 4 behinds on the board. This was 4 behinds better that the last 3 weeks 🙂

The 1/4 time huddle focus was on the positive and the 1 percenter’s to keep us going. After no score on the board this was a huge start for us.

With positive play from the middle our girls dominated the second quarter and ended up snagging our first goal from the boot of Emily CT. The girls were ecstatic with this, including the coach and runner who early lost their minds. The girls huddled up with hugs and high fives all around the ground, with this passion, determination and fight this strung us another goal.

With the lead into half time and the confidence levels up we were able to keep our calm and stay focused in the last half and managed to snag our first win. Such a sensational effort by the whole team and the energy that came out in the change room with the song being belted out loudly was truly amazing!!!!! Here is hoping we can string together 2 in a row. If we stick to our basics, and put in the effort. I am sure we can achieve this.

Olinda: 1.2 – 8
Bayswater: 3.6 – 24

Goal Kickers: Ez – 2, Em CT – 1

Best: Ez, Em CT, Mel, Jade, Emma, Paige, Really the WHOLE TEAM EFFORT!!!!!

Under 15 Boys Match Report – Rob Dunford

After starting the season with 4 wins the U/15 boys faced their biggest challenge so far on Sunday when they took on Wantirna South.
It was obvious from the opening contest that this was going to be a tough and very physical game . A few pieces of individual brilliance from Sal and some great tackling in defence from our boys was all that separated the two teams at qtr time with Bayswater holding a slender lead .
The second qtr saw wantirna south dominate from the first bounce . With clean midfield clearances they were able to immediately take the lead and then race away to a 5 goal lead with 6 goals to 0 for the qtr. This was the first qtr the boys had lost all season and the signs were very concerning with several boys looking off the pace  or unwilling to give their all when the pressure was on .
The boys were reminded at half time that skill was a variable in football but effort is a non negotiable requirement of every player.
The second half saw a much better effort and the margin was cut to 21 pts with wantirna south kicking just the 1 goal after half time .
Despite the lift in intensity and a better effort the second half did still show up some deficiencies in our skill level and ability to hold our structure under pressure and again it was left to to few players doing great things to keep us in the game.
Players like Jamie, Troy, and Kyle stood out when the heat was on whilst Sal literally willed himself to contest after contest in an extraordinary attempt to drag the boys over the line. Unfortunately the rise in skill level and all other aspects of the game caught quite a few boys out but I’m sure all will be much better for the run.

Bayswater 5.6.36
Wantirna South 8.9.57

Goals Sal 3 , Kyle 1 Will N 1

Best: Sal. Jamie. Kyle. Troy. Alex. Tommy

This was a tough game for most of the boys with only a handful playing near their best .
The player that caught my eye was Sal and he was clearly one of those but on Sunday it was his pure determination to impose himself on the game despite being doubled and triple teamed at times and with one eye virtually closed over for the second half that I admired most about his game. A courageous and selfless performance Sal

Under 17s Match Report – Round 6 v Waverley Blues – Mick White

Q1: After a disappointing game last week it was all about how we responded today. It was a bad start to the day as two players pulled out due to illness and left us with only 18 players. We knew we had to start well so we didn’t have to work hard in the latter part of the game knowing we would be tired. I could not have been more impressed with the attitude and the way we ran and worked together as a team to support each other in every aspect of the game.  4.2 – 2.2

Q2: We finally clicked as a unit as all our players fulfilled their role to a tee to play great team football. The sharing of the ball created great run and players doing all the little 1 percent team rules helped us run over the top of the opposition to hold a good lead at the main break.   9.5 – 3.3

Q3: Our first 10 minutes of the third quarter we just seemed to go back to old habits and wait for things to happen. We lost the first few centre clearances and we didn’t look to chase as hard and do all the right things that made it happen for us in the first half. Waverley started to get hold of the ball more and kicked the first two goals early in the term. It was from this moment on that made me happy as the players on the field took the responsibility to finally change things up to get on top. We have worked hard for this moment for some time and as a coach to finally see it happen was fantastic. We kicked the next 4 goals and stopped the momentum and chance of a victory from the opposition to go to last quarter full of confidence.   13.8 – 5.7

Q4: With only 18 players we mixed a few things around to make sure we could still run out the game. With others on the ball and some backs going forward to give them a chance to kick a goal it was very pleasing to see the result we got by the games end. Now we just have to keep up these standards and hopefully get to play our 22 players on a game day to go forward.  18.12 – 5.7

Goal Kickers: J. Treeby, B. Raaymakers, L. Mannix 3 M. Utan, Z. Flack, B. White 2 K. Capaldo, K. Jacobs, L. Hunt 1

Best players: L. Mannix, J. Tasic, K. Capaldo, L. Hunt, T. Deane


Under 8 Boys Match Report – Mick Walker

After having a Bye last week, it was about time we got going again with a real game of footy!!

We came up against Vermont Purple, which all players were excited about. During our warm ups, it became clear we were going to be a few players short for this game. After speaking with Vermont’s Coach, we were able to grab a couple of their players to help us out.

For the first half, we struggled to get the ball into our forward line, despite some terrific efforts from all our players. It was very pleasing to see some of our players come out of their shell during this period, and play with absolute confidence.

In the second half, we were right in the game. Our scoring started and we had some very smart football played.

My highlight for this game was when we had the ball wide on the boundary line, then kicked into the middle. From there we kicked wider again to a free player who then kicked to the goal square for a mark and goal!!!

Very smart play and something we will continue to work on at training.

11 scoring shots to 21 suggests a defeat, however our shots on goal were well thought out by the players. Along with some great work all over the ground, we were able to have a very productive game for our learning.

Well done!!


Under 12 Boys Match Report – Damian Sadler

The U12 boys played Ferntree Gully Eagles away today. The boys were switched on and started the game very well. We tackled hard, were first to the ball and ran the ball well as a team. There was some awesome courageous acts performed by a few of the boys which inspired the rest of the team. Our boys gave everything they had today and played extremely well right to the final siren. The only thing that let us down today was the lack of numbers we had that took the field. I was extremely proud of the boys effort and skill throughout the entire game…

Ferntree Gully 6.4.40
Bayswater 2.3.15

Goalkickers: Sam 2
Best Players: Sam , Cooper , Tom , Will , Aaron

Under 14 Girls Match Report – Prez!!

The under 14 Girls team traveled to Kings Park to take on Upper Ferntree Gully. With a real focus on playing for our teammates, the jumper and implementing the things we have been learning at training, I felt this great little team has genuinely turned an important corner and clear bonds are starting to form.

We started out very strong and we were very competitive winning our share of  the ball and gaining as many forward 50 entries as UFTG did. Unfortunately we couldn’t get the score on the board and UFTG kicked a couple of goals to take the 1st quarter lead. I was concerned that the girls would drop their head as this is what has happened in the past but to the girls credit they fought hard in the second keeping UFTG to no score.

They built up all day and the last quarter was the best I have ever seen from this team and I am certain if they continue to play like that for the rest of the year, a win will definitely come.

Welcome to the new girls Kayla and Jaslyn.

Best: Emma, Alex, Chloe, Elise, Emily P, and general team effort.


Under 15s Match Report – Rob Dunford

In their first game since being elevated to B grade the U/15 boys took on Waverley at our home ground .
After playing so well to get to B grade the boys were determined to continue their good form and immediately had Waverley under pressure establishing a 4 goal lead by qtr time .
With 8 different players having runs in the midfield the first half showed just how versatile the team has become and with Luke Phillips providing a good marking target up forward and some good conversion the lead was out to 8 goals by half time .
Although Waverley mounted a challenge in the third qtr the boys responded well and regained control with 2 goals late in the term .
A great defensive effort for the entire game saw Waverley restricted to just 3 goals , thanks largely to a huge effort by will mason in the first half to completely shut out Waverley’s full forward who had been averaging over 6 goals a game this season.
Up forward Luke Phillips had a day out with 8 goals including a couple from very good contested marks and several from perfect passes from our small forwards and midfield .
In the end a comfortable 73 point win was a fitting result after a fantastic team effort

Bayswater 14.12.96
Waverly. 3.5.23

Goals . Luke 8 , Kyle 2 , Jamie 1 , Liam 1 ,
Will N 1 , Tommy 1

Best. Luke, Matt , Kyle , Jamie, Troy, Sal, Will N , Will M , Jack. Tommy , Jake. Bodhi

The player who caught my eye this week was Lachie . Sunday was a great game for Lachie , taking several contested marks and moving really well across half forward . With a good left foot he also sent the ball forward with good vision for several score involvements

Under 17s Match Report – Mick White

Up against the undefeated side in Mooroolbark we knew we were up for a challenge. Unfortunately our boys did not come to play on Sunday as we looked confused, non committal and very lazy. The opposition out played us in every aspect and we had no answer as they were first to the ball and very clean at ground level. We seemed to be doing all the chasing and it wore us down by game’s end. Not one of our best performances for a while but we must get back to basics before next week’s game. There is not really much else to say and we struggled to have a good player on the ground apart from the first game of Zac Flack. His performance was very promising and we welcome him back to join our team for the year.    4. 11 – 14. 6


Under 11 Boys Match Report – Coach Nic Maxwell

Played Waverley blues today .
Started real well getting the first score on the board , then unfortunately that was it , had some good passages of play throughout the game , was very disappointed we had no run and generally the boys weren’t interested, lots of things we are learning at training just went out the door, but let’s start fresh again Friday night!!

Best Dylan , lachie , josh , jaydo

Nic Maxwell

Under 12 Girls Match Report – Coach Michael Hughson

We got off to a slow start today playing an average first half. After a razz up by the coach at half time, they played a great second half, unfortunately going down by one point in the end after hitting the front in the last quarter in the dying stages of the game. Once again, we just need to get a little better in certain parts of our game and we would’ve got the 4 points.
We gave them 3 players each quarter to even up the numbers.
Best players, Sam, Maddie, Georgie, Evie, Torey, Indah, Nahal, Renee
Goals: Evie 1

Under 13 Boys Match Report – Coach Jason Cahill

On Sunday we came up against a side who lost in a prelim last year and with most of the players from both teams knowing each other there was plenty of school yard lip going around. i made sure early in the week i didn’t want my boys getting to involved in it and just said you can talk all you like but when the final siren goes after the game that will do the real talking. This week we had a real physical week on the track as we have defiantly been missing it the last couple of weeks. A real emphasis on be first for the ball head over it. It fair to say the boys once again have listened and delivered in which was a really good win. unfortunately we didn’t get the as many through the big sticks but 12 scoring shot to 4 with The basin getting 1 in first 2 min and other 3 in the last quarter which is a real credit to our backs and midfield working both ways. A game we controlled for 4 quarters

Bayswater 2.10.22 vs The basin 1.3.9
Goals Andy 2
Best Andy, Maso, Rhino, Caleb, Rommy, Benny

Under 14 Girls Match Report – Coach K (Fletch)

With the past 2 gameS, things have been tough. The girls responded with a great start to the first quarter. We held 50{13d095fab0d9f9ba26735bcd21505a44bc66b12cd106ec8948e6ab4cd1cab3f1} of the play in our attacking zone but were unable to convert the efforts.

The 2nd quarter we let too many loose players run and score. With this the girls dropped their heads and let Montrose run over the top of them in the 2nd quarter.

Coach K let loose at half time and asked for a big effort in the 2nd half. Unfortunately with the weather conditions and the scoreboard against us the game was long out of our sights.

We will continue to work hard on the two rules of manning up and playing in front as I know this team can be good and we can have a lot of fun. Week by week, day by day we will improve 🙂

Goals: NIL

Best: Bailey, Ez, Em P, Emma, Jade

Scores: Bayswater 0.0 – 0 lost to Montrose 8.16 – 64



Under 8 Boys Match Report – Coach Mick Walker

After yet another fantastic training session on Friday, it was time to put all our practice into our Round 3 match vs. Wantirna South Green.

With Wantirna South having three teams in the Under 8 competition, and us playing each one over the first three weeks, understandably a few of our players were a little confused on arrival to the ground. After some quick reassurances that we would be playing against other teams as well, we were ready to start!!

As has been the trend in our first couple of matches, we took the first quarter cautiously. Perhaps this is due to getting used to the umpires directions or just taking some time to settle the nerves.

By the start of the second quarter all of our players were playing at their confident best, with every player doing the one big thing we focus on -: getting to the ball first.

Once we do this, all the other parts of the game will come together. This was certainly the case for the rest of the match,with the ball being shared around all over the ground.

I have to say my highlight for the day was how we took the ball out of the middle after the ruck contest. We did this very well, largely due to great communication from the players around the ball.

With 17 scoring shots to 3 and having several different goal kickers for the day, it was no surprise to hear the best rendition of the Club Song so far for this season!!!

Well done Under 8’s, you should all be very proud of what you have learnt so far. Keep it up!!!!


Under 12 Boys Match Report – Coach Damian Sadler

The U12’s boys played their first home game for the season against South Belgrave. Unfortunately after experiencing a high last week, the boys endured a really tough game against a bigger bodied skillful team which dominated our boys right from the opening quarter. The boys tried their hearts out and after losing a player due to injury and a late withdrawal before the game, we were left with 16 players and no bench. It’s was a big learning curve today for the boys, but with continued hard work and determination these boys will still improve and give everything they have for the Baysie jumper.

South Belgrave 21.20.146
Bayswater 0.1.1

Best Players: Aaron, Alex, Tom, Cooper & Sam

Under 14 Girls Match Report – Coach K (Fletch)

This weekend had us trekking up to Healesville to play Yarra Glen. Our girls played to their best. With heads down and tails between legs, a rev up was all it took to get the girls going after the halftime break.

Having a smashing third quarter the girls are improving on their tackling pressure. We also have had our new girls shine through their first few weeks and are coming out of their shells.

We have been working hard on the training track this week and hoping for a better weekend this weekend.

Goals: NIL

Best: Em P, Bailey, Nay, Paige, Emma

Score: Bayswater 0.0 – 0 lost to Yarra Glen 19.11 – 125


Under 14 Boys Match Report – Coach Colin Watt & Jeff Hall

Today we traveled to Wantirna South. After our injuries last week we started with 16 this week. We knew it was going to be a tough day. Adding to this we lost Sam Rhodes with a broken arm and Patrick Dunne with a knee. So down to 14 by half time. One of our main focus points this year has been centered around “will, want and desire”. I’m pleased to say that once again the boy’s didn’t throw in the towel and Wantirna South scored less in the second half than the first. I know these are tough times with injuries and a couple of boys on holidays. It’s hard to believe but we actually got more out of the game on Sunday than they did. We are learning the hard way at the moment but trust me it will turn around. Our mental strength is what is improving at this stage and this will pay dividends later in the year.

Don’t get disheartened, let’s all get to training and focus on this week.

Final Scores Bayswater/Norwood 0.1.1  Wantirna South 25.16.166.

Best Player’s Tristan Hall, Matthew Rodda, Zac Newton, Jayden Deane, Jack Watt.

U/17s Boys Match Report V Rowville – Coach Mick White

We had a very comfortable win at home against a very young Rowville team. It’s hard to get too excited and when you have one of your own get seriously injured it puts things in perspective. We had 13 different goal scorers and won the game 24.17 – 5.3 but unfortunately we lose Corey Baker with a serious hip injury for the year. We can only hope that he has a speedy recovery and can get back to a normal routine as soon as possible. Best wishes from all of us.



Under 8 Boys Match Report – Coach Mick Walker (Round 2 V Wantirna South White)

After a long break between games, it was great to get everyone back for Round 2 of the season!

Our team has been training very well over the Easter break and all the work the players have put in showed in our Round 2 match vs Wantirna South White.

Players arrived at the game knowing what to expect, so the confidence levels were high right from the start. We have been working on getting to the footy first, and every player showed their ability to do this for the whole game.

We are also learning to spread out around the ground when a team mate has a kick, and today, with a few reminders we started to do this much better.

The communication between the team while they are playing is also rapidly improving! Today we had a few players calling to their team mates to come and help because they were out numbered, which is an important part of football and one I didn’t expect us to pick up so early! A sign our group is bonding together!!

Once again this week, there was 9 scoring shots from each team. Another very good game of footy for this age group, and with our team all coming together at training each Friday to keep on learning, the amount of fun we can have is limitless!!

I would like to say congratulations to Rubee for her first game of footy for the Bayswater Junior Football Club. A fantastic first game, well done!

Also thanks to Mitchell, who is injured at the moment but still came to help out with the coaching. Great work!

Brilliant effort by all the BJFC Under 8’s and cant wait for Round 3!!!!


Under 12 Girls Match Report – Coach Michael Hughson (Round 2 V Vermont Gold)

Great win by the girls. They hand balled well, tackled fantastically which resulted in turnovers going our way. They all went in hard for the ball giving us first use of the ball, then shared it with their team mates as they moved it forward. Everyone played very well.
Best players Zara, Torey, Maddie, Indah, Jo Jo, Evie, Latisha
Goal kickers Latisha 2, Cassie, Evie, Maddie, Jasmine, Zara.
Bayswater 7 – 15 – 57 def Vermont Gold 1 – 0 – 6

Under 12 Boys Match Report – Coach Damian Sadler (Round 2 V Blackburn)

The U12’s boys played away at Blackburn and with the help of 6 players from the U11’s we had a full team and an interchange bench.

The boys were switched on right from the start and we kicked 4 goals in the 1st qtr. The boys stuck to our game plan perfectly and continued to dominate the game to get the big win that this team thoroughly deserved. There was continued improvement in their skills and their courage was amazing.

It was a perfect day for these courageous and determined young boys. Special thanks to Nic Maxwell for your support and lending his players who played a role and were outstanding as well…

Bayswater 8.7.55
Blackburn 4.4.28

Goalkickers : Jayden 3, Aaron 1, Tom 1, Brodie 1, Alex 1, Jag 1

Best Players : Jag, Aaron, Sam, Jayden, Will & Brodie


Under 13 Boys Match Report – Coach Jason Cahill

A pretty disappointing game for us this week! We played our style of footy and had a really good first half lead with 4 goals to nothing. Unfortunately after half time we ran forward of the ball and lost a bit of structure and Blackburn got a couple of goals and there tails up. In a last quarter we had a 2 goal lead and with about 2 minutes to go, Blackburn kicked a goal which put them 5 points behind.

Up the other end it was just missed opportunities for us kicking a few points. 10 seconds to go, unfortunately Blackburn took a mark and slotted the goal after the siren to go down by 1 point.

As disappointing as it was I think we learned a lot which will make us better for it. We definitely have some real positive signs if we play our style of footy it’s very hard to stop us just needs to be for 4 quarters.

Bayswater 4.7.31 lost to Blackburn 5.2.32

Best: Falcon, Higgo, Sean, Andy, Romesh, Maso

Goals: Paicey, Sales, Andy, Maso

Under 14 Girls Match Report – Coach K (Fletch)

The girls took on Blackburn this weekend. Even though the scoreboard wasn’t our friend on the day the girls dipped in and had a real crack.

We found ourselves short and with great sportsmanship Blackburn let us borrow 4 girls to have an even side for the day.

Our centre and backline worked hard and nonstop for the day.

Goals: Emily C-T

Best: Bailey, Ebonne, Erin, Emma, Chloe

Score: Bayswater 1.0 – 6 lost to Blackburn 17. 18 – 120


Under 14 Boys Match Report – Coach Colin Watt & Jeff Hall

Today we hosted Rowville at Norwood. After some confusion before the game the boy’s switched on and seemed ready to go. We had played Rowville in a practice match and I think this played on the boy’s mind. We had a terrible first half and a couple of injuries which left us with 16 players. After a half time chat the boy’s responded and with less players than the first half Rowville scored less in the second half. It was a credit to see the boys not give up and fight it out to the end.

Well done.

Final Scores Bayswater/Norwood 0.2.2  Rowville 26.22 178.

Best Player’s Tristan Hall, Zac Newton, Jayden Deane,  Scott Lucardie, Chris Komodromos.

A special mention to first gamer Chris Komodromos who won the Anzac Day medal. Chris hasn’t played since Auskick so his skills are a bit rusty but he makes up for it with his attitude and determination.


Under 15 Boys Match Report – Coach Rob Dunford

After a 2 week break following round 1, the under 15 boys played Chirnside Park in their first away game for the season.
Having won 2 games by less than 4 goals against this opponent last season the boys were keen for the contest and had prepared for another good game.
With spirits high for Troy’s 100th game the boys immediately had the upper hand , combining well across the ground and hitting the scoreboard when they went inside 50 .
5 goals to 0 at qtr time had Bayswater well on top .
The second qtr was a case of opportunity missed with just an inaccurate 1.5 added to the score despite again having the majority of the play. We also lost undoubtedly our best running player in Kyle half way through the qtr due to an Achilles injury.
Despite losing Kyle I challenged the boys to keep running hard and putting the pressure on Chirnside Park.
7.4 to 1 point in a second half that was shortened considerably after an unfortunate injury to a Chirnside Park player was a fantastic response and has the team very well positioned going into our round 3 bye .
After 2 rounds the boys see themselves undefeated , with a percentage or over 900 and playing an aggressive attacking style of football which has seen them not only score heavily but restrict the opposition to just 1 goal each .
Congratulations to Troy Maggs on his 100th game for the club. His crumbing goal on the siren was a fitting way for the game to end with all the boys getting around him to celebrate.

Score : Bayswater 13.13.91
Chirnside Park 1.3.9

Goals. Will N 3, Jamie 2, Sal 2, Jack 1, Troy 1, Kyle 1, Tommy 1, Luke 1, Matt 1

Best : Sal, Matt, Jack, Will N, Will M , Troy, Jamie ,

The player that caught my eye this week is Alex . Since joining the team at the start of this season Alex has settled in to the team well and on Sunday showed great composure when he had possession and a willingness to really mix it up with the bigger Chirnside players despite being clearly outsized . An excellent game for all 4 qtrs .

Cheers Rob.


U/17s Boys Match Report V Nth Ringwood – Coach Mick White                                                                                                                                         

Q1:  Finally some decent weather to play away against North Ringwood as the last two years has been very cold and wet. The dry suits us better and it showed early as we controlled the play for much of the first term but didn’t get the score we deserved missing some easy shots at goal.

1st Qtr: Bayswater 3.6 – Nth Ringwood 0.2

Q2: Again we dominated play around the ground and our ability to stop the opposition from running with our tackling and great team defense was fantastic. Going inside our forward 50 on many occasions we should have put the game beyond doubt but again we struggled with our accuracy and gave North Ringwood some hope and a little sniff of a comeback.                                                       Halftime: Bayswater 7.13 – Nth Ringwood 2.2

Q3: Going into the main break I noticed a few hints of complacency and was not happy with our discipline from our leaders having been sent off. It showed in the third quarter as North Ringwood made some changes and took the game right up to us. If it was not for some great individual efforts and hard fought footy from our backline it could have been a different ball game. We struggled to get the ball forward and the opposition started to get their running game going but did not convert or score for the amount of time they had in their forward half.

3rd Qtr – Bayswater 9.14 – Nth. Ringwood 3.5

Q4: Today was all about the “Anzac Spirit” and we did just that in the last quarter as we played with great courage. The opposition tried to do all they could to hurt us with physical bumps and hits but we lifted to play great team footy and run away with a convincing win.

Final: Bayswater 16.16 – 112 defeated Nth. Ringwood 4.7 – 31

Goal Kickers: J. Treeby 5, L.Mannix 3, B.White 2, D.Woolacott 2, T. Deane, M. Cavicchia, E. Heenan, K. Capaldo, 1

Best Players: K. Jacobs, D. Warne, J. Treeby, A. Maggs, L. Mannix, C. Baker, M. Cavicchia

Under 8 Boys Match Report – Coach Mick Walker

Firstly, I would like to thank all the parents who have signed up this year for a season of footy fun at the Bayswater Junior Football Club! Also, congratulations to all our players who have now played their first game of football for The Club!!

Training over the past couple of weeks has seen our team grow to a very healthy 14 players, well done to all for your commitment.

Round 1 had us playing against Wantirna South and it was very clear all the players were super excited, with most waking up at the crack of dawn to put on their Bayswater jumpers, socks and shorts!

With all the excitement, also came some nerves, however once the ball was thrown up for the first time this year, all the nerves seemed to disappear and all our players did the Club proud with four quarters of very enjoyable football to watch.While there is no scoring at this level, it was very pleasing to see both sides have 9 scoring shots apiece, with the ball going end to end for most of the match.

All of our players managed to get themselves involved in the game at some stage, so well done to all!!! We now have a two week break from games over school holidays, however training will run as usual – 5.30- 6.15pm at Bayswater Junior Oval.

Lastly, thank you to all who filled major roles this season. Leanne- Team Manager, Beccy-Trainer and Jake- Runner.

Thanks, Mick.


Under 11 Boys Match Report – Coach Nic Maxwell

Played the first game at home today.
What a great game of footy by the boys for round 1
As soon as the first siren went the boys were on .
All the things we have been learning at training they were doing , quick ball movement, long direct kicking, but the main thing looking out for each other , just a fantastic team effort , everyone did there role!
Goals: Sam 3, Lachie 1, Blake 1, Alex 1
Best: Sam, Blake, David, Joel, Kai
Bayswater 6 – 12 – 48
Croydon 3 – 1 – 19


Under 12 Boys Match Report – Coach Damian Sadler

The U12’s boys played at Coldstream today. So super proud of my boys today, as coach I couldn’t have asked for anymore out of them. They showed true heart and determination which has been a trademark of these group of boys. Great to see training drills we do implemented into our game today which resulted in 2 amazing goals. All positive moving forward for this little team of true champions …
Goal kickers: Tom , Aaron
Best players : Jack, Tom, Sam, Jag & Cooper
Score : Coldstream 11.6.72
Bayswater 2.3.15


Under 12 Girls Match Report – Coach Michael Hughson

Round 1 and a great start by the girls. We had a good win with everybody contributing. We ran well and tackled great. Three of our players played for the opposition each quarter to even the numbers, with our girls kicking most of the opposition’s score.

They have come a long way since our first training session.

Final Score: Bayswater 2.9 – 21 def Blackburn 1.2 – 8

Best: Torey, Georgie, Maddie, Evelyn

Goals: Indah 1, Matilda 1,


Under 13 Boys Match Report – Coach Jason Cahill

What better way to start 2017 with a grand final rematch against a side that beat us 4 times last year including a 7 goal loss in a grand final! We have had a really good preseason this year and worked really hard in developing the boys to play b-grade football! Today the boys showed if you work hard and follow instruction it will pay off.

I have coached these boys for 4 years now and every year they just surprise me as they grow and get better at the game. This was easily the best team performance this team has produced. SHARING & CARING for each other. Today our backs were solid but gave us so much run, mids worked together and gave first use of the ball, forwards dangerous and harassed and gave us the scoreboard pressure. As I said to the boys after the game it’s the best game I have seen them play but also so many times we actually missed opportunities of what we have been doing at training, which to me is such a big positive as its round1 and we are learning a totally new game plan! Today was another little stepping stone in a direction we are heading. Awesome effort boys but don’t forget we have 13 weeks of footy to go!

Goals Levi 3 Maso 3 Sean 1

Best Max, Benny, Rommy, Levi, Maso, Andy, Higgo – Everyone else(hardest job ever)


Under 14 Girls Match Report – Coach K (Fletch)

The U14’s girls played with great spirit. After starting with a blaze of glory they unfortunately fell behind 7 to 2 goals at half time. With a renewed passion to man up and win first possession of the ball, we outscored the opposition 3 goals to 2 in the last half and were clearly the better team with around 70{13d095fab0d9f9ba26735bcd21505a44bc66b12cd106ec8948e6ab4cd1cab3f1} of the last half in our forward half. Looking forward to Round 2

Goals: Erin 2, Emily P 2, Ebonee 1

Best: Chloe B, Em C-T, Ebonee, Bailey, Jade, Em P

Score: Bayswater 5.3 – 33 lost to Mitcham 9.4 – 58


Under 14 Boys Match Report – Coach Jeff Hall & Colin Watt

On Sunday we played Lysterfield in a grand final rematch. We started the game well then lost a couple of players due to injury and the game got away from us. To the boys credit, we fought the game out.

Final score: Lysterfield 14.12 – 96 to Bayswater 8.6 – 54

Best: Team effort

Goal kickers: Bailey 2, Brayden 2, Jacob 1, Brando N 1, Jack W 1, Nathan 1

Good luck to Harrison who has a broken arm from the game and wish him a speedy recovery.

Jeff & Colin


Under 15 Boys Match Report – Coach Rob Dunford

The under 15 boys opened the season at home against Blackburn .
With 8 weeks of pre-season under the belt the boys were ready to play and through a combination of hard running from our midfield , great defensive pressure and rebound from our backline and a forward line that was right on top we skipped away to an early lead .
5 unanswered first qtr goals followed up with 6 more in the second term saw Bayswater lead by 72 points at half time.
Although our scoreboard impact was affected by some inaccurate kicking and at time some poor decision making the boys continued to control most of the play in the second half .
An inside 50 count of 53 to 15 for 32 scoring shots (60{13d095fab0d9f9ba26735bcd21505a44bc66b12cd106ec8948e6ab4cd1cab3f1}) to 5 (33{13d095fab0d9f9ba26735bcd21505a44bc66b12cd106ec8948e6ab4cd1cab3f1}) shows how well the boys combined going forward and then defended when Blackburn did get a forward entry. This defensive pressure was also illustrated in the tackle count which the boys clearly won 68 to 33 , an outstanding effort and something which has become the foundation of our game.
A very pleasing start to the season with everyone contributing accross the ground and every player having an impact when required .
Scores: Bayswater 13.19.97  def Blackburn. 1.4.10
Goals: Luke Phillips 4,  Sal Feagaimalii 3 Bodhan McAuliffe 2,  Will Newey 2, Matt Elvin 1, Will Mason 1

Best : Sal, Luke, Troy, Will M, Bodhi, Will N, Kyle, Matt

Every game I will be naming the player who really caught my eye with their performance. This week that player is Mick Aulsebrook .
Mick has shown good form in our practice games and stepped that form up again today , playing probably the best game I’ve seen him play . Well done Mick .


U/17s Boys Match Report V Boronia – Coach Mick White

Q1: Kicking against the wind we held our own only to struggle when going forward. With a lack of height due to our Ruckman, C.H.F and F.F away on holidays, we bombed away too often to kick to the opposition. Having just as many inside 50’s we could only manage 1 goal to Boronia’s 3 goals.

Quarter time Score: 1.0 – 3.2

Q2: We needed to change our thinking going forward and look for the lead up player with shorter kicks and not rely on the wind to blaze away. We got on top early in the centre and went forward on many occasions early but could not find a way past the spare defender. Finally we worked the ball to the lead up player as our onballers got on the end of some good passages of play to score some goals. At half time we were still in the game 10 points down but looked tired as we only had the 18 players.

Half Time Score:  3.2 – 4.6

Q3: Although tired we thought if we could just hang on in this quarter against the breeze we would be a chance to set up a win. Unfortunately we stopped running and the heads went down as the opposition peppered the goals and marked strongly in their forward line. It wasn’t until the last 5 minutes that we got our running game back but it was all too late.

Three Quarter Time Score: 4.4 – 9.12

Q4: With heads down and absolute silence coming to the huddle we had to try and make a stand to not let Boronia run over the top of us. If we could continue the way we finished off the last term we could make an impact. After all it was a great day to play football and we were out there to enjoy it with nothing to lose. I was very happy with the efforts of the 18 players to go out there and win the last quarter by a couple of goals and give the opposition something to think about next time we meet.

Final Score: Bayswater 8.6 – 54 to Boronia 11.15 – 81

Goal Kickers: B. White 4, T. Cameron 3, T. Deane 1

Best Players: T. Cameron, E. Heenen, B. White, C. Baker, K. O’Leary